Loyal Societies


The Club is ‘home’ to the four Loyal Societies of the United Kingdom based in Thailand:

  • St. Andrew's Society – founded in 1890, the oldest society and a haven for all Scottish folk in Thailand. Their Annual Ball is each November. See http://www.bangkokscot.org for full details.


  • St. David’s Society - Founded in 1976, the Saint David’s Society is the youngest of the Loyal Societies that exist in Thailand and welcomes Welsh people from all over the world. Famous for its Welsh Male Voice choirs (which come from Hong Kong) and its St. David’s Ball each year. Please contact via the Club.


  • St. George’s Society – The Bangkok St.George’s Society was founded in 1959 and holds regular events for English people including The President’s Dinner and the St.George’s Ball. See http://www.bangkokstgeorgesoc.org for full details.


  • St. Patrick’s Society – Founded in 1962, the St. Patrick’s Society holds regular events for people from Ireland or with Irish heritage. See http://www.saintpatricksbangkok.com for full details.