Membership Overview 

The British Club Bangkok extends membership to all nationalities, although there maybe a Waiting List for some Types of membership and some nationalities. Please do enquire at the Club ahead of submitting an application form to avoid disappointment. See below for the various types of membership and click on the membership fees on the left of the page for current membership fees. You will find an application form with a detailed application process.
Our staff are available everyday to give you a tour of the Club and discuss with you the best membership type and options for payment – feel free to contact them here.

Upon application, and payment, you will be issued with a Temporary Member Card and given temporary full use of the Club whilst your membership is processed by the General Committee.

Within the first seven days after applying you should attend a short interview with a member of the General Committee. Your application will then be presented to the next General Committee after which it will be then be posted on the Club notice board for a month. Your membership will then be considered for election and when elected you will become permanent member of the Club under the membership type that you applied for.


Membership Types 

There are two basic types of membership within the Club – Annual Membership and Full Life Membership. Applicants under the age of 30 years special reduced rates:


Annual Membership

This membership is open to a single person or a family for a one year fixed fee with monthly subs. This will immediately appeal to those on fixed term contracts. Annual Membership can be renewed at the end of each term and upon the fifth renewal is automatically upgraded to full life membership. Annual Members may upgrade to Full Membership at any time.

Annual Membership is open to all nationalities but has a restriction on numbers so there may be a waiting list. Annual Membership is a restricted Membership with no rights to vote, propose new members, attend General Meetings, stand for General Committee or go absent as enjoyed by Full Members.

Full Life Membership

There are several types of Full Membership:

  • Ordinary Membership - Membership with full voting rights for citizens of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, residing in Bangkok.
  • Country Membership - Membership with full voting rights for citizens of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, living over 80 km from the Club.
  • Associate Membership - Membership for citizens of other countries residing in Thailand who are proposed by an Ordinary or Country member. Associate members do not have voting rights, cannot hold office on the General Committee nor can they propose or second a new member, but they enjoy the same use of the facilities as other members. Please note that there is a limit on the number of Associate members and on the proportion of these, which can be of any one nationality, therefore it may be necessary to go on a Waiting List.
  • Installment Membership - Non-Voting Membership - Suitable for those members who qualify for Ordinary or Associate Membership but who wish to spread entrance fee payments over 12 months rather than full payment at one time.

Full Member Categories

Within Ordinary, Associate and Installment Membership there are two categories

Single Membership - Single membership of the club relates to the joining of an individual, and limits use of the Club facilities to the member only and any guests signed into the Club.

Family Membership - relates to the joining of an individual but extends the use of the Club facilities to his/her spouse and/or their children under 21 years of age as well as any guests signed into the Club. The term “spouse” shall mean the member’s married, or acknowledged common law, partner.


Membership Fees

Club's Overview of Fees        .pdfmemberoverviewiconicon


Club's Overview Brouchure    .pdfmemberoverviewiconicon


To Get a Tour of the Club or Apply For Memebrship

Please contact our Membership Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is a Temporay Membership available to try out the club (all forms are downloadable below)


Membership Form for Ordinary Membership  (UK,Canadian, Australian, New Zealand Citizens)

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Membership Form for Associate Membership (Rest of the World's English Speaking Citizenship)

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