Training & Sessions


Personal training

The Club now has its own personal trainer Khun Amnat Saklebradu. Amnat has worked at the British Club's Fitness Centre for nine years and holds a certification as a ‘Personal Trainer’ with Fitness Innovations Thailand (‘FIT’). Personal Training programmes are offered to Members on an individual basis.

The first session includes dietary advice, a health screening and discussions regarding your individual needs and what you want to achieve from your programme. Whether it’s weight loss, toning, or increasing fitness levels, Khun Amnat can structure your training accordingly. All information is strictly confidential. Sessions are recommended in blocks of 10 (once, twice or three times weekly, negotiable). The first session is free and lessons are 600 baht each thereafter.


Fitball Course

Khun Amnat can push you through a challenging workout. Fitballs are an unstable platform so your body works overtime trying to maintain your stability as you pump light weight for high reps.

Great all over workout. Monday and Thursday @ 10:30pm and Saturday @ 2pm

Course price and drop in rates


Personal Swimming training

Khun Ruengrit Turiwong provides personal swimming lessons for beginners Adults and Children.

Bt. 400 per swimming lesson


Circuit training

Circuit training is a mix of high intensity weight training with limited recovery time. Low weights, high reps. These sessions are short, sharp and a perfect way to increase fitness and muscular endurance.

+Great 45 minute session to burn calories and increase muscular endurance for all fitness levels

Circuits 6:30pm Thursday and 3pm Saturdays- Only Bt.125 per person.


Boxing Sessions

Boxing/kickboxing sessions run Tuesdays and Thursday. Boxing is a not only a great stress buster but its voted the best cardio workout by leading health officals and great exercise, burning up to 1000 calories per hour. It also teaches self-defence skills.

Bt. 400 per session.



Yoga sessions are carried out every Sunday afternoon.