Dear Members



We were hoping it would be a good turnout as Guy Fawkes Night is a great occasion at the Club and advance bookings had supported this.  Soon after people started arriving mid afternoon, there was a slight false alarm when some fireworks started going off as the timer had been set wrong, but that excitement was short-lived and soon the barbecue buffet got underway.

Soon the Back Lawn was covered with people, the Bouncy Castle was covered with kids, and the plates covered with food.  Throughout the afternoon, Sam and his Amazing Friends were besieged with kids wanting to make guys for the bonfire and make up their faces and just play and have fun.  At 6pm, there was an unlisted entertainment event, with mono-cycling, plate spinning and other extraordinary feats which left the audience gasping with surprise.

In case of rain or extreme heat, the main garden area had been covered with a massive awning so shortly before 7pm, everyone started to wander down towards the area open to the skies in time for the main firework show.  Gasps and shouts, even shrieks and screams, of amazement and delight filled the air as upturned faces witnessed the most magnificent display of controlled aerial pyromania. Quite awesome.  Then there was the bonfire with some of the guys the kids had made being burnt, whilst some got saved and taken home. 

So it turned into one of the best Guy Fawkes Nights for many years, with the Club welcoming almost 400 people in memory of a failed plot 400 years ago - what an evening!

There were many photos taken, of varying quality of course - by the time you press the shutter, the firework has exploded so it is very much a case of touch and go.  A selection of photos are shown below, but for those of you who would like to see (and hear) the real thing, before the photos is a video of the firework display.  It takes a minute or so to start!