Parking at the British Club

The British Club offers limited free outdoor parking for Members Only in the Club grounds with entrance from Soi 18, Silom Road. Three spaces are reserved for handicapped drivers and a wheelchair is available on request from Reception.

Guests may park free in the Narai Hotel car park (see below).

The car parks can be full at busy times, mainly weekend afternoons, and occasionally they are closed for large functions. On these occasions, alternative free parking is available to Members in the Narai Hotel car park.

Car engines must be switched off whilst parked and drivers should use the Drivers Room facility located close to the Soi 18 entrance. Overnight parking is not permitted without prior approval.

Dedicated parking space is provided for bicycles and motorcycles.

Parking at the Narai Hotel

As above, free parking is made available from time to time at the Narai Hotel car park for Guests, and for Members when facilities at the Club are full. This multi-story building is located on the left as you enter Soi 18, Silom Road, 100 metres before reaching the Club entrance. For free parking when announced, Members and Guests may first park in the car park and then when leaving request, a stamped coupon from Security at the Club exit.