Join The Club





  • All applicants need to visit the Club in person and take a tour with staff to familiarize themselves with the current facilities, and any charges that may be made for facility use.
  • All applicants shall complete an Application Form in person, in writing at the Club (typewritten and computer-generated copies are not acceptable).
  • The Club legally requires photocopies of the applicant’s and spouse’s passport picture and visa pages, and photographs of the applicant, spouse, and children over 14 years of age. Photographs and photocopies may be taken at the Club. If the applicant knows one or more existing Ordinary or Country Members, they are encouraged to ask them to propose, and second, their application. This can expediate the application process.
  • Once an application is received, if there is no waiting list for the applicant’s nationality or category, they will meet with a senior manager to run them through their application, have any questions answered and confirm the application process. If a waiting list exists, then the applicant will be placed on that list, and notified when a vacancy has occurred.
  • Once the senior manager is happy, the applicant will complete the payment and be issued a blue digital membership card that is day and time loaded for the application and candidacy periods. The applicant, and any family, have full use of the Club and its facilities.
  • The senior manager will explain that they will have a 24-hour “cooling off period” in which time if they decide to change their mind their money will be refunded in full, less any charges incurred for F&B etc.
  • Upon completion of the “cooling off period”, the applicant will be scheduled for interview by a member of the General Committee. Whilst the spouse is welcome to attend, the applicant must be present.



  • At its next monthly meeting, the General Committee will review the application and, if agreed, the applicant’s name and picture will be posted on the Club notice boards for a period of one month, for Member consideration.
  • The ’applicant’ is now referred to as the ‘candidate’.



  • After the period of posting, the General Committee, at its next monthly
  • meeting, will vote on candidates for Membership. If elected, the blue digital membership card will be updated for the term of membership.
  • if not elected, a full refund will be given less a small charge for the period of temporary membership.