Constitution, By-Laws & Rules

The British Club Bangkok is an Association, a legal entity, in accordance with the Civil & Commercial Code of the Kingdom of Thailand and has a three tier system of governance:

  • Constitution
  • By-Laws
  • Rules


The Constitution sets out the Articles of the Club on how to meet the requirements of the Thai Civil & Commercial Code. It covers why we exist, who can be Members, how we are governed, how we conduct the affairs of the Club, and how we manage Member conduct. The Constitution can only be changed by Members at a Members’ Meeting called for that purpose, and all Articles must be approved by the Thai Ministry of the Interior.


The By-Laws set out the detail of how the Club makes the Constitution work: they cover access to and use of Club facilities, policies on conduct, smoking, use of social media, Club finances and also contains the Disciplinary Code. They cover also parking, guests, children’s safety, pets, non-member usage and the bringing of weapons on-site. By-Laws are created by the General Committee who must give Members one month’s notice of changes.


The Rules set out the detail of how the Outlets and Facilities within the Club are operated and include opening hours, dress code, usage limitations, use of mobile phones and types of footwear. Rules are created by the Senior Management who must give Members one month’s notice of changes.